Our firm can oversee the construction of these units, assist in legalizing unwarranted units, and handle landlord-tenant disputes that arise.

Accessory Dwelling Units, in-law units, granny flats, whatever term you like.

These pint-sized units have been touted as a solution to California's housing dearth. Lawmakers have put away the scalpel and taken out the machete in slashing regulations surrounding the construction of ADUs.

Yet there is a potentially significant liability with renting out unwarranted units when a rental relationship goes south, especially when the property owner has been collecting rent for many years.

Landlords who are looking to bring an unwarranted unit up to compliance and/or are experiencing conflicts with tenants housed in a unit that is not in good graces with the city are well-advised to consult with Bornstein Law.

We can also assist in pulling the necessary permits when property owners get the creative juices flowing and wish to explore building an ADU for extra rental income or moving in a relative.


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