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When acrimony arises in rental relationships, disgruntled tenants are known to sue the landlord for all manner of grievances.

Defending against tenant lawsuits

There are many landlords who are not in compliance with the law and are perfectly content with the status quo as long as the tenant pays the rent. But relationships can turn and once conflict arises, it could escalate very quickly.

When a tenant is facing eviction or is otherwise disgruntled, there is no shortage of tenants’ attorneys to consult with to right perceived wrongs. Those clever attorneys will forensically review the history of the tenancy and point out errors.

Tenants and their counsel can not only stave off eviction; they can also file a lawsuit and we can only tell you that litigation is proliferating throughout the Bay Area. Common allegations include landlord harassment, wrongful eviction, discrimination in the rental application process, and being injured because of substandard conditions in the rental unit, to name a few.

Ideally, we want to avoid litigation but if rental housing providers are dragged into the morass, Bornstein Law can defend against actions with the goal of resolving the dispute as cheaply and expeditiously as possible, taking into account time, risk, and attorneys’ fees.