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September 24: In our latest podcast, Daniel Bornstein says now is the time to carefully prepare for the expiration date of California's eviction moratorium. Download our whitepaper with some considerations and action items for rental housing providers as we reach a key date. An invitation to attend a joint webinar on Accessory Dwelling Units, Daniel's message to our community during a period of transition, and other snippets from around the web.


September 16th: Daniel explains that with lawmakers going home without extending the eviction moratorium, we finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. You are invited to replay earlier chats on AB 832. A flash from the past, short-term rental ordinances lack teeth in enforcing party bans, nuisance evictions are reportedly on the rise in San Francisco, and loitering laws are under siege.


September 10th: Daniel's heart-to-heart message for landlords and property managers as the date on which California's eviction ban is lifted is all but cast in stone. A San Francisco couple is awarded $2.7 million after alleged harassment by their landlord, and we express caution over reports that rents are on the uptick. The Ghost Ship tragedy has reached a sense of finality in the courts, and Melinda Gates' divorce lawyer tells how he handles bitter splits between billionaire clients. A startup is turning houses into corporations with neighbors fighting back and we introduce you to the hard men removing squatters in Spain.


August 4: Although the media has reported windfall payments being made to tenants to effectuate a vacancy, other concessions can be made in a tenant buyout agreement besides a huge payout. A recent study confirms the hardships of small rental property owners. The optics of raising rents at this point are not good, and the real f-word in San Francisco - fourplexes.


July 16: What happens if a tenant who owes COVID-related rent debt files for bankruptcy? We take this question on and advise landlords on a course of action. In the wake of Florida's tragic condo collapse, there are lessons to be learned for our community closer to home. Finally, we remind landlords of an important notice that must be served by July 31, 2021.


July 9: We impart our thoughts on AB 832 and announce the launch of a page dedicated to helping landlords comply with the new law.


June 30: With California's moratorium on evictions for nonpayment of rent set to expire on June 30th, lawmakers got together at the last minute to extend the moratorium and craft new legislation. Daniel imparts some thoughts on the newly minted bill and invites our community to attend an upcoming webinar to dive deeper into AB 832.


June 25: In a podcast, we announce that after weeks of intense negotiations and facing a tight deadline, Sacramento politicians have brokered a deal to extend California's ban on nonpayment of rent evictions through the end of September and share insights from our friends at the California Apartment Association.


June 19: We give our grade on the progress of rental assistance programs so far and chime in on new rules proposed for the construction of Accessory Dwelling Units in San Francisco. As restrictions loosen and things open up, so do apartment showings and open houses.


June 8: Although the long, dark winter of COVID-19 seems to be dissipating, San Francisco lawmakers look to ensconce protections for both residential and commercial tenants.


May 28th: Governor Newsom sweetens the pot by announcing a plan for landlords to recover the full 100% of COVID-related rent debt that has accrued. We admonish landlords to serve belated notices of rights afforded under SB 91 if they haven't already done so. A study on when employees and students will return to the Bay Area. Proposal in San Francisco to erase commercial rent debt and our thoughts on domestic violence in rental units.


May 18th: We share the replay of our webinar with new legal updates germane to landlords and property managers as our community emerges on the other side of the pandemic.


May 11th: After Governor Newsom signaled his intent to make landlords whole, we give our assessment on how rental assistance programs have been progressing so far in a podcast. The grade is a C+ at best.


May 7th: We give a less than raving review of dysfunctional rental assistance programs. A Biden administration looks to roll back gains on 1031 exchanges and we make our case against the ill-conceived measure. New legislation will require landlords to offer tenants the opportunity to have their rental history reported to the credit bureaus and we offer our takes.


April 29th: We attempt to answer the question of whether rent prices have bottomed out and take a look at proposed legislation that would give landlords the added burden of furnishing disclosures to lease guarantors in 5 different languages.


April 21st: The tenants' right to counsel movement percolates to the statehouse and promises to ratchet up the legal costs of landlords. Efforts are amplified to put single-family laws on the chopping block. Sensible legislation puts people over parking with the goal of adding sorely need housing stock.


April 14th: We offer some soliloquy on the dual threats of a bill that pounces on the Ellis Act and another proposal that aims to establish a vast rental registry.


April 6th: Download a complimentary guide on applying for rental assistance funds we prepared. With housing discrimination lawsuits proliferating, we admonish landlords not to summarily deny Section 8 housing vouchers and offer some other commentary on fair housing laws.


March 25th: We've put together a handy flowchart so that you can easily understand the process of obtaining the funds rental housing providers need to get back on their feet and get cash flowing again.


March 16th: We announce that California's online portal for landlords and tenants to apply for their share COVID-related rent debt is live.


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