Sacramento politicians have gotten together to deal with the economic fallout of the pandemic and SB 91 was the answer.

After suffering a drought in rental income, landlords can now tap into a pool of stimulus funds to recoup 80% of rent debt that has accrued from April 1, 2020, through March 31, 2021. In exchange for participating in the program, the remaining 20% of the rent owed must be forgiven. Yet the devil is in the details.

We have a good grasp of the regulatory regime and can assist in helping navigate the minefields of the pandemic.'



Daniel gives  a lay of the land in this May 18th webinar

In our latest online meetup, Daniel Bornstein provides an overview of Senate Bill 91 and eviction moratoriums as we transition into the summer. He provides some soliloquy on how to manage rent debt that has accrued during the pandemic, rent increases, and exploring a voluntary move out.


Landlords may now be able to recoup 100% of COVID-related rent debt

There is encouraging news coming out of Sacramento that with an infusion of new relief funds, rental property owners may be able to recover all of the rent missed because the tenant experienced a COVID-19 related hardship, but let’s hope the kinks are worked out in a slow payout system. 

Understand how to access rental assistance funds with this succinct flowchart.

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Although in enacting SB 91, the state has set the "broad strokes," some counties and cities will march to the beat of their own drum and come up with their own local rules.

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Lastest email updates we have sent to our valued clients, industry partners, colleagues, and other friends during the pandemic


May 28th: Governor Newsom sweetens the pot by announcing a plan for landlords to recover the full 100% of COVID-related rent debt that has accrued. We admonish landlords to serve belated notices of rights afforded under SB 91 if they haven't already done so. A study on when employees and students will return to the Bay Area. Proposal in San Francisco to erase commercial rent debt and our thoughts on domestic violence in rental units.


May 18th: We share the replay of our webinar with new legal updates germane to landlords and property managers as our community emerges on the other side of the pandemic.


May 11th: After Governor Newsom signaled his intent to make landlords whole, we give our assessment on how rental assistance programs have been progressing so far in a podcast. The grade is a C+ at best.


May 7th: We give a less than raving review of dysfunctional rental assistance programs. A Biden administration looks to roll back gains on 1031 exchanges and we make our case against the ill-conceived measure. New legislation will require landlords to offer tenants the opportunity to have their rental history reported to the credit bureaus and we offer our takes.


April 29th: We attempt to answer the question of whether rent prices have bottomed out and take a look at proposed legislation that would give landlords the added burden of furnishing disclosures to lease guarantors in 5 different languages.


April 21st: The tenants' right to counsel movement percolates to the statehouse and promises to ratchet up the legal costs of landlords. Efforts are amplified to put single-family laws on the chopping block. Sensible legislation puts people over parking with the goal of adding sorely need housing stock.


April 14th: We offer some soliloquy on the dual threats of a bill that pounces on the Ellis Act and another proposal that aims to establish a vast rental registry.


April 6th: Download a complimentary guide on applying for rental assistance funds we prepared. With housing discrimination lawsuits proliferating, we admonish landlords not to summarily deny Section 8 housing vouchers and offer some other commentary on fair housing laws.


March 25th: We've put together a handy flowchart so that you can easily understand the process of obtaining the funds rental housing providers need to get back on their feet and get cash flowing again.


March 16th: We announce that California's online portal for landlords and tenants to apply for their share COVID-related rent debt is live.


SB 91 in a nutshell

In this presentation, you can get get an overview of the law.

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Listen to our founding attorney discuss the challenges of landlords during the pandemic in a series of webinars.



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