In an ongoing series, we profile the plaintiffs challenging the draconian eviction moratoriums in Alameda County and the city of Oakland. Their stories are harrowing.

Meet Sheanna

Don't get us wrong - no landlord deserves to suffer under Alameda County's stringent eviction moratorium. Yet the case of Sheanna tugs at our hearts. We can't imagine a nicer property owner who has been shafted as a result of the eviction ban.

Along with her husband, Sheanna provided a helping hand to vulnerable individuals, including people with mental disabilities and no families to turn to. This benevolent landlord housed and fed those in need through an independent living center.

Aside from having rooms designated for the most vulnerable among us, Sheanna has a separate studio unit and she relied on the $1,000 monthly rent for supplemental income to support her family.

The landlord was rewarded for her good deeds by having the renter scream profanities at clients living in the independent living facility and throwing garbage from his apartment into the street directly in front of the property.

The harassment was so bad, Sheanna had to file a restraining order against the renter and begin the process to evict the renter. Eventually, a settlement agreement was reached whereby the menacing tenant agreed to vacate the property.

Enter Alameda County's eviction ban.

The tenant refused to leave and hasn't paid rent in two years. There is no COVID-related hardship to explain the withholding of rent.

Meanwhile, his harassment of the neighboring residents staying in the independent living facility persisted and Sheanna was forced to close this lifeline housing as a result. 

Sheanna applied for governmental rental assistance but because her abusive tenant refused to cooperate, she received nothing from the county.