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It seems that lawmakers and regulators got together to protect the rights of tenants, but no concerted effort was made to protect good landlords from bad tenants. That's the domain of Bornstein Law, a boutique law firm specializing in advocating for the rights of owners in landlord-tenant disputes and complex real estate litigation.



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Are you prepared for statewide rent caps and eviction controls?

Our founding attorney breaks down AB-1482 in an easily digestible fashion and offers some strategies to avoid pitfalls and future proof your business.

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Don't kick the can down the road.
From our experience, many landlords are conflict avoiders. Don't let the situation enlarge - call us today.


Legal alerts designed to keep landlords, property managers and real estate professionals in the know.

We are in an era when political rhetoric falls squarely on the side of tenants and this has led to an ever-expanding set of rules for landlords and real estate practitioners to follow. It can be a little like taking a drink out of a fire hose, but you can count on Bornstein Law for timely alerts and make sense of them all.

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San Francisco's Community Opportunity to Purchase Act (COPA)

If you or a client is looking to buy or sell a multi-unit building, be aware that qualified nonprofits must be the first to come to the table and given deference when matching offers from private buyers. Bornstein Law can guide you through a new regulatory regime when buildings with 3 or more units go on the market.

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The leaders in Tenant Surrender of Possession Agreements, known more popularly as tenant buyouts or "cash for keys."

As its name implies, a tenant buyout is simply an agreement for the tenant to vacate the unit, in exchange for compensation, rent waiver, or both. Yet these voluntarily arrangements are anything but simple.

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Ever since Airbnb was born on our home soil of San Francisco, Bornstein Law has been pioneers in the modern day iteration of the temporary flop. As we predicted, the law has caught up with technology, but risk is abound and it's unclear whether peer-to-peer websites are good citizens.After five young lives were tragically lost in an "Airbnb Mansion Party" Halloween night, we revisit this topic.

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Events for savvy rental property owners and real estate professionals

Daniel is renowned for giving talks to numerous organizations and hosting events on the legal challenges facing rental housing providers and the professionals who serve them. Attend an upcoming event, or reach out for a private get together with your team.

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Security Deposit Deduction Guide

Deductions can be made for conditions that exceed "normal wear and tear." This infographic provides context to define this ambiguous term.

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What landlords should know amid the immigration debate

Recent rhetoric and soul searching has made our earlier blog more timely today.

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Handling Tenant Hoarding

Hoarding is a vexing problem for landlords and property managers that requires proactive action once discovered so that the unit is restored to a safe, sanitary and secure dwelling.

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Common reasons to lose an unlawful detainer action

The eviction process consists of carefully choreographed steps that must be followed. We outline five of the most common reasons landlords lose their case when any step is missed.

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As proud East Bay residents, we have been elated to witness Oakland's growth and emergence as a formidable city in the Bay Area. In the same breath, we have been alarmed that the needle of progress is moving in the wrong direction with more stringent rent control measures, most recently the nixing of rent control exemptions for owner-occupied duplexes and triplexes.

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Mr. Bornstein helped me with a difficult tenant situation recently and was thoroughly forthright and effective. As an added plus, he seemed extremely scrupulous about avoiding needless "billable hours." I am elated at having been referred to him.


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We raise the voice of rental housing providers

Although the political rhetoric nowadays falls squarely on the side of tenants, Bornstein Law offers a fresh perspective through the lens of underrepresented property owners. Numerous media outlets have called upon us to articulate your case.




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Landlording in a new regulatory regime can be tricky. Our foremost goal is to empower you with the know-how and tools you and your clients need to stay compliant with the law and optimize investment properties.


In the aftermath of the horrific "Airbnb Mansion Party" in Orinda, Daniel Bornstein was asked to provide some takeaways. He chimes in on the risks to short-term rental hosts and questions whether peer-to-peer websites are good citizens.

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Disputes over security deposits are among the most common reasons landlords are dragged into Small Claims Court. We've prepared a guide that distinguishes "normal wear and tear" from more serious damages that can be legally deducted from the security deposit.

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San Francisco's Community Opportunity to Purchase Act gives qualified nonprofits the first chance to scoop up multifamily properties for sale and match or best offers from private buyers.

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