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It seems that lawmakers and regulators got together to protect the rights of tenants, but no concerted effort was made to protect good landlords from bad tenants. That's the domain of Bornstein Law, a boutique law firm specializing in advocating for the rights of owners in landlord-tenant disputes and complex real estate litigation.



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Daniel Bornstein, Esq.

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Coronavirus a concern for the rental housing industry

Bornstein Law is committed to empowering property owners and managers with the information they need to handle this novel threat and the ensuing moratoriums on evictions.

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Are you prepared for statewide rent caps and eviction controls?

In a two-part webinar series, our founding attorney breaks down AB-1482 in an easily digestible fashion and offers some strategies to avoid pitfalls and future proof your business.



Events for savvy rental property owners and real estate professionals

Daniel is renowned for giving talks to numerous organizations and hosting events on the legal challenges facing rental housing providers and the professionals who serve them. Attend an upcoming event, or reach out for a private get together with your team.

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We raise the voice of rental housing providers

Although the political rhetoric nowadays falls squarely on the side of tenants, Bornstein Law offers a fresh perspective through the lens of underrepresented property owners. Numerous media outlets have called upon us to articulate your case.



An authority in proper, enforceable tenant buyout agreements

A buyout agreement is a contract where typically, in exchange for compensation or rent waiver or both, a tenant agrees to voluntarily vacate the premises and release all claims arising out of the tenancy. It's analogous to "cash for keys,” except the owner is cauterizing risk by avoiding a potential lawsuit down the road. We have crafted many proper, enforceable tenant surrender of possession agreements, and during the pandemic, a lethargic court system and little other options to effectuate a vacancy, coupled with a tenants’ immediate need for cash make buyouts more attractive today.


New HUD guidelines on assistance animals
The agency has finally called out dubious websites that certify the need for an emotional support animal without review of a medical professional hello
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The war being waged against vacant property owners
Caught in the crosshairs of an affordable housing dearth and a homeless epidemic, vacant property owners have essentially been told to use their underutilized real estate for the public good. If it goes vacant, there is hell to pay.
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Airbnb Halloween Massacre Raises Scary Legal Issues
As the short-term rental platform plays damage Control, we admonish owners to use caution before renting out their home to someone they don't know from a hole in the head.
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Please don't kick the can down the road.

From our hard-won experience, many rental property owners are conflict avoiders. Don't let the situation enlarge - contact us today for informed advice to power through your real estate challenges.

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