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There is a chorus of voices from the tenants' rights camp, but comparatively little narrative through the prism of rental property owners who face unique challenges of their own. As ambassadors of owners, Bornstein Law fills the void in the marketplace of ideas by sharing the collective voice of landlords we represent in our practice and telling their stories.


Twitter sued by landlord for allegedly failing to pay rent

After drastic cost-cutting measures, Daniel tells CNN that Elon Musk has tremendous clout in renegotiating lease terms, noting that Twitter is too lucrative a tenant to lose.

This Bay Area county to be latest to ban criminal background checks for renters

As "fair chance" housing laws that conceal criminal histories gain traction, Daniel tells Mercury News that a blanket ban on background checks presents a risk to the community.



Real Estate Lawyer On San Francisco's Housing Crisis

Daniel was asked some pointed questions on why there is a housing dearth, the impact of the tech industry, and embracing market changes.


Alameda County becomes the first county in the nation to give formerly incarcerated people who have paid their debts to society a 'Fair Chance' at housing through a recently minted ordinance.

Daniel understands the public policy behind the new law but of paramount concern is identifying rental risks to ensure that community members are safe, he tells ABC7 News.

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Daniel interviewed by a local news channel after Zumper launches a pioneering rent guarantee program. He tells landlords to look at the fine print and offers a bit of perspective on whether or not landlords should sign up for this insurance policy.


Proposed tenant organizing protections could shift the balance of power in San Francisco

Daniel expresses concern that landlords will get treated unfairly when it is alleged that landlords do not make a "good faith" effort to engage with tenant unions. This is an ambiguous term, he tells the San Francisco Public Press.

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Moms 4 Housing-inspired bill becomes California law

Daniel tells Mercury News that a new law targeting corporate home buyers presents a unique opportunity for individual investors to buy properties with new capabilities to "come and play" in a marketplace they have been shut out of until now.

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California Homeowners Wonder How To Pay Mortgage As Renters Withhold Payments Amid Coronavirus Sheltering

Daniel tells San Francisco KPIX 5 what he would like to see done to protect owners who are dependent on rental income to pay their bills and sustain life.

"If the owner is in occupancy, there is not a way to remove them through the court system... It’s one thing to lose ownership of your home. It’s another thing to lose occupancy. Once you have ownership, the question becomes, ‘What are you going to do next?’ The investor is going to have to be very, very patient."

Daniel's comments in this San Francisco Chronicle article on the continued foreclosure sales during the pandemic.


Lawyer pumps up S.F. landlords at boot camp

In a city known for rallies organized by everyone from Tibetan freedom activists to Folsom Street leather fetishists, Daniel speaks to an unusual demographic: landlords.

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Weighing the privacy concerns of tenants infected with coronavirus with the safety of neighboring residents

Daniel was quoted in this piece on the ethical conundrum landlords face when balancing public safety against privacy when tenants test positive for coranavirus. Landlords have to communicate "in a manner that doesn’t cause panic and that doesn’t create greater risk than is necessary. Those types of issues are very tricky and we are in uncharted territory. It’s new for us,” he told CBS San Francisco.


Why is a landlord in a better position to bear a burden than others? That's a question posed by Daniel in this Curbed article. He offers his take on public policies and submits there should be a means-test for tenants who assert a COVID-19-related hardship.


Small San Francisco Landlords Say Legalizing ADU's Is A Catch 22

When owners attempt to legalize an illegal unit, maddening regulations can stand in the way. Daniel tells KPIX CBS that owners are caught between a rock and a hard place.

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Oakland apartment tenants on strike, refuse to pay rent until landlord sells property to them

In his talk to this ABC affiliate, Daniel expresses the concern that constructive tenant advocacy can morph into a heavy-handed extortion plot. Some Oakland residents say they won’t pay the rent unless the building is sold to a 3rd Party Non-Profit. The non-profit uses the tenant dispute to enlarge their real estate holdings – not pretty.

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Daniel's perspective on the tragic Orinda shooting in an "Airbnb Mansion Party" on Halloween night

After five young lives were sadly lost, local media outlets asked Daniel Bornstein to offer some takeaways from the horror that took place in the home listed on the home sharing website.

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Daniel tells FOX KTVU that while Airbnb has made a good-faith effort in cracking down on rogue hosts and guests, the renting of a one-night rental in a suburban community should have smelled fishy, and that Airbnb deserves greater scrutiny.
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From the San Francisco Chronicle
Who will pay for the loss of life and injuries inflicted in the Airbnb Mansion Party? That is a provocative question posed to a panel of attorneys, Daniel Bornstein among them.
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After lawmakers scrambled to find a long-term solution to the fallout of COVID-19, Daniel said it was time for the private sector to step in. He was quoted here as saying that rather than making his clients pay the price, he would much rather “like to have seen 75 billionaires in the Bay Area put together a billion dollars for some communitywide bailout.”


Daniel Bornstein weighs in on a Moms 4 Housing-inspired policy that stands to upend the rental housing market in Oakland and throughout the Bay Area

Public policies that give nonprofits preferential treatment in the purchase of multi-unit properties up for sale may be unfair to other buyers  who are relegated to the back of the line.

Daniel told Mercury News that these "feel good" measures are a band-aid fixes in the absence of hard policy decisions.

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From a landlord's perspective: Small property owners feel slighted in extreme housing market

KALW Public Radio has heard from renters about the friction between landlords and tenants, but it's not often that they heard from owners. To get a glimpse into what owners have to say, they turned to us.

Read or listen about how our events empower rental property owners in a complicated regulatory regime.

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What landlords need to know amid the immigration debate

In the anti-Trump movement, California has been a pioneer in enacting legislation that protects immigrants, and this includes safeguards against landlords who weaponize immigration status.

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Anti-Eviction Group Publishes List Of Tech Landlords With History Of Evictions In San Francisco

Daniel says that owners can't shoulder the blame for the eviction epidemic and that solving the affordable housing dearth takes a community effort.

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