Daniel Bornstein welcomes the opportunity to offer a fresh perspective on housing and landlord-tenant issues through the lens of rental property owners.

A balanced voice in telling a story from the landlord's perspective.

Although there's a chorus of voices from the tenants' rights camp, there is comparatively little narrative through the prism of rental property owners who face unique challenges of their own. As ambassadors of owners, Bornstein Law fills the void in the marketplace of ideas by sharing the collective voice of landlords we represent in our practice. 

Renowned for our educational seminars, we are firm believers in sharing information and while we are heavy consumers of housing news, our firm sometimes gets interjected into the stories we read. Here is a handful of them. 

As Prop. 10 looms, some landlords raise the rent

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Oakland measure to prevent displacement hits home with tenants

Landlords, renters weigh in as rent control exemption moratorium reaches expiration

Real estate lawyer on San Francisco's housing crisis

Let's bounce some ideas around.

If we can contribute to the story you are telling, please feel free to call upon us. Like you, we have a passion for the written word and maintain our own blog at www.bayhousingwire.com, as a springboard of ideas. 

To start a conversation, please email media@bornstein.law.