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May 4, 2024

By enacting a new ordinance, San Francisco lawmakers have made it nearly impossible to remove unwarranted units without first legalizing them. Owners of so-called "vacant" properties in San Franciso are facing a punitive tax but a lawsuit challenging the measure is progressing along. Pivitong to Alameda County, lawmakers and outside mediators attempt to bring landlord and tenant groups together to reach a compromise on legislative proposals floated.

April 27, 2024 

After eight years of soul-searching and sometimes raucous debates, Concord ushers in new rent and eviction controls. After high-profile cases that have increased outrage over squatters, we feel that the tides are turning on these parasitic guests. A new Berkeley initiative that favors landlords and tenants alike. We remind housing providers that resident managers are employees under the law.

April 18, 2024

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors has foisted a new financial burden on housing providers with an ordinance that requires them to pay an inordinate amount for public services and capital improvements that benefit all residents. With the deadline looming for California's "Balcony Bill," owners of multifamily properties are urged to act now. We field several questions from followers and more news from around the web.

April 11, 2024

Our industry partners have gotten creative in their attempt to defeat the Justice for Renters Act by introducing a ballot initiative of their own. Under the dome of the Capitol, lawmakers look to meddle with rules surrounding security deposits and tenant screening fees. We talk about the hallmarks of good property management.

April 5, 2024

A replay of our webinar talking about the best practices in property management given the new realities rental property owners face. The San Francisco Rent Board releases numbers on eviction notices and it contradicts the narrative of tenants' advocates that evictions are on the rise. Having an emotional support animal does not give owners the license to create a nuisance for neighboring residents. Effective April 1, 20024, owners endeavoring to transition tenants out of a rental unit by way of a substantial renovation - dubbed a "renoviction" - are subject to additional responsibilities under a new state law.

March 30, 2024

Like a bad neighbor, State Farm isn't there for property owners and this is indicative of a larger problem we discuss. Talks between landlord and tenant groups in Alameda County break down and the Board of Supervisors tell them to return to the drawing board.




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