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March 3, 2023

After Supervisors allow Alameda County's eviction moratorium to sunset, we have a sense of finality, yet some cities like Oakland, Berkeley, and San Leandro march to the beat of their own drum with local protections. San Francisco's March 1 deadline to report information about their rental business has passed.


February 22, 2023

In the aftermath of storms, there is a downpour of legal issues from water intrusion. We set off to answer whether artificial intelligence can replace an attorney. A consortium of landlords and industry partners sue San Francisco because of its residential vacancy tax.



February 15, 2023

Our takes on Alameda County Supervisor David Haubert's Town Hall meeting dedicated to concerns about the county's draconian eviction moratorium. President Biden made fleeting mention of housing issues in his State of the Union address. San Francisco's vacancy tax faces litigation. We talk to a fire safety expert about SF's requirement to upgrade fire alarm systems and warn housing providers about "testers" employed to identify discrimination.



February 7, 2023

An update on maximum allow rent increases in San Francisco and a reminder of the City's deadline to comply with a newfangled rent registry. We impart some best practices on communicating with tenants. When tenants leave personal belongings behind in rental units, there are rules to follow. Our go-to insurance professional discusses the unique protection needs of mixed-use buildings.


January 23, 2023

In a victory for owners of commercial properties, courts rule that COVID-related hardships do not absolve tenants from the contractual obligation to pay rent. Calls for increased tenant protections have reverberated to the White House.



January 15, 2023

Alameda County Supervisors kick the can down the road once again. There are a myriad of legal concerns with short-term rentals we discuss. The consequences of security deposit disputes have been ratcheted up because tenants are now suing for emotional distress and the dollar amounts sought are multiples of the actual security deposit.



January 4, 2023

Daniel tells CNN that Elon Musk wields tremendous clout in renegotiating lease terms. "Fair chance" housing laws that conceal criminal histories gain momentum. A new state law builds upon previous protections afforded to victims of domestic violence. We talk about handling the tragedy of a tenant passing in the rental unit and finally, we make the case to opposing counsel to be amicable in the New Year.




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