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September 4, 2023

A ceremonial data as Berkeley becomes the last of Bay Area locales to end its eviction moratorium, but we offer some cautionary words. After years of debate, Concord is poised to usher in new tenant protections. New fire alarm requirements for certain San Francisco Buildings.



August 23, 2023

When facing displacement, tenants will commonly request a "reasonable accommodation" to stave off eviction and this becomes a back-and-forth process. Accepting rent payments after an unlawful detainer action is commenced would ordinarily tank the lawsuit, but what to do when a tenant unilaterally pays online? Ever-changing notice requirements plague landlords, and after engaging in a talk with the National Association of Residential Real Estate Property Managers, we shared the slide deck that was a springboard for conversation with the group.



August 14, 2023

Our community is invited to a webinar we will be hosting on September 14th to get an update on landlording rules throughout the Bay Area as eviction moratoriums come to a close. Moving forward with a legislative agenda in Alameda County, Supervisor Nate Miley attempted to bring together landlord and tenant groups to have a meaningful dialogue, but the tenants' rights camp squandered the opportunity and obstructed the meeting. Using IRS Form 1099-C as potential leverage when attempting to collect COVID-related rent debt, as rent forgiveness becomes a taxable event. Other items on our radar.



July 31, 2023

With Oakland's eviction moratorium for nonpayment of rent ending July 15, Bornstein Law will begin serving 3-day notices beginning August 1st, but we offer some cautionary words. Parking around San Francisco rental units presents problems for landlords and tenants alike, with the City's towing policy being put under scrutiny. Housing providers with resident managers should understand their obligations under a law upheld by California's highest court.



July 13, 2023

Reforming security deposit rules is just one item on the agenda of a renters' caucus composed of only five state legislators who are renters. An in-depth look at buyout agreements in San Francisco and we keep a pulse on where rents are headed.



July 4, 2023

Daniel's message on Independence Day and an important case challenging Berkeley's application of its rent ordinances comes to a disappointing end.



June 28, 2023

When tenants refuse the landlord access to the rental unit, it becomes a cat-and-mouse game but our office can intervene. Legal considerations when tenants move in romantic partners, efforts to repeal Costa-Hawkins, and we have a chat with our go-to Private Investigator.





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