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A Wisconsin native and graduate of the University of Iowa College of Law, Daniel Cheung is an experienced real estate attorney fluent in Cantonese and has a strong desire to serve the Chinese community in San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area.

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Daniel Hing-Yiu Cheung is an experienced attorney in Bornstein Law's San Francisco office. He focuses his practice on real estate litigation, specializing in unlawful detainer actions in Bay Area rent-controlled jurisdictions.

He earned his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he graduated with a double major in English and Information Systems and Management.

Daniel was awarded his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Iowa College of Law. He is a former legal intern in the Hong Kong Department of Justice, and is fluent in Cantonese.

Daniel is also a member of the Chinese Real Estate Association of America and the Asian American Bar Association. He is a native speaker of Cantonese and is able to provide you with Cantonese-language services should you need them.

He was admitted to the State Bar of California in 2009 and is ready to assist you in all manner of complex real estate issues - protect your rights and contact him today.





The landlord lawyers at Bornstein Law fiercely protect the rights of property owners in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond, Mountain View, San Jose, Hayward, Alameda and throughout the Bay Area. Our core competency is providing legal representation in landlord-tenant disputes, including rent control, just cause evictions, Owner Move In Eviction/Relative Move In Eviction provisions, nuisance issues and other lease breaches such as Airbnb and other subletting restrictions. We can also facilitate in in-law unit planning or legalizing an illegal in-law unit, and assist in a host of other complex real estate litigation matters.