Even though I am a lawyer, I find the landlord tenant laws in San Francisco to be beyond any kind of rational understanding. For that reason, I always stay connected to Daniel who constantly provides some kind of clarification to a maze of the many contradictory laws that are the San Francisco laws with regard to renting. If you sign up for his free webinars or stay connected to him on social media, you will have a chance at understanding what is going on. I really appreciate the educational service that he provides to any landlord or tenant who take the time to connect with him.

As an attorney, Daniel is both aggressive and prudent, two qualities that benefit his clients immensely.

He once explained to me that most Tenant / Landlord legal matters are like a “knot.” The harder each side tries to win the less likely the “knot” is untangled – once one of the parties stops trying to win, and starts trying to untangle themselves from the matter, it is more likely to quickly and efficiently come to a reasonable conclusion.

Daniel and his team are world-class real estate attorneys, when a question is asked outside of their expertise they will acknowledge this and refer you to someone else.

I would without hesitation recommend using Daniel for Tenant / Landlord legal matters.

Daniel, I think, is doing something that is unheard of, and has not been done before, where you have the 'ultimate advocate,' advocating for the property owner in court, advocating for the property owner outside of court, with the educational classes, so this is fantastic.

Nobody has done this before, and nobody has this combination of services you are offering, and I think if you didn't exist in this room we'd have to invent you.

Daniel is an outstanding ally to have in your corner whether you are a landlord, or considering purchasing investment property with tenants in San Francisco.

Regardless of any social position one may take about evictions or reclamation of investment property, the reality is that the presence of tenants changes the value of property and your ability to buy, sell, and finance that property. An effective negotiation between landlord and tenant can be a mutually beneficial arrangement, and Daniel understands the law in a way that will allow you to make the best decision possible based on your goals, while keeping your integrity intact.

Whether contacting Daniel for a brief initial consultation for information about options, or engaging Daniel to carry out an Owner Move-In Eviction, negotiated tenant buyout, or other landlord/tenant matter, he's one of the best out there. Daniel will provide you with options about to handle your matter, help you assess which option will best meet your needs, and carry out the complex legal tasks needed to reach your goal.

While administering a property serving formerly homeless and disabled individuals, I benefited from Daniel´s assistance on over thirty eviction proceedings, rent board disputes and other landlord-tenant disputes. I am confident that Daniel´s expertise, creativity and no-nonsense approach to dispute resolution saved my property countless dollars in what could have become costly and drawn-out legal battles.

Due to the composition of my property´s resident population and my organization´s high level of interaction with governmental entities, any legal action initiated by my property management team had the potential to create lasting and very public headaches for my property and my organization. Daniel´s sensitivity to the needs of my tenants and his understanding of the delicate position that my organization holds, enabled my management team to effectively enforce the terms of our lease without incurring the wrath of numerous government entities.

Daniel, Thank you for including us in this informative event, and for the positive way in which you introduced SPOSFI. We handed out a lot of newsletters to people who were not familiar with us.

The presentation you gave was very interesting. You are excellent at explaining these complicated matters, and the flow charts and fact sheets are so helpful. Understanding the conditions of all these restrictions will keep people out of trouble (we hope).

Thanks again.

Daniel Bornstein was very efficient in handling my complex tenant issue in San Francisco. He was very successful in handling the detailed paperwork which resulted with a positive outcome within weeks. His office staff were also very efficient in accommodating my busy schedule. I highly recommend Bornstein law for any tenant issues in the Bay Area..

Daniel Bornstein gives my clients and myself confidence and peace of mind when it comes to landlord-tenant questions. I highly recommend his services!


Daniel and his legal team were a great choice when I needed help with my landlord/ tenant law. Everyone worked like a well oiled machine, being well cooperative, knowledgeable, and organized throughout the process. They consistently worked to attend to any questions, and concerns I may have had. They educated me every step of the way in the steps that were gonna be taken from court dates to evictions. I was consistently kept informed throughout our time working together.

They quickly took action when necessary while still keeping things calm, and professional. I’d definitely recommend Bornstein Law to anyone having issues with real estate law, they’re definitely the way to go!


Daniel Bornstein is exceptionally smart , savvy, and versed in Landlord/tenant laws and so much more. He is articulate, compassionate, while being professional and following the laws of the courts when it comes to assisting landlords in the ever changing climate of the rental housing business.

Daniel generously gives his precious time when he can and provides lectures and presentations to the community at large. He recently did one for The Rental Housing Association of Southern Alameda County to glowing feedback from landlords across the cities in AC that attended. Thank you Daniel and staff, we appreciate you!


I known Daniel Bornstein more than 25 years and used his service 4 or 5 times.  To me, he's very professional and well worth it.  I had on full eviction he did before and it was great,  from beginning to end (sheriff came to escort the tenants out).  Other times I needed some clarity on my legal right as a landlord.

But the most recent advice from Daniel was the best.  I had a tenant who was 5 months behind on rent and I didn't know what to do.  I had a 20 minute consultation with Daniel and I contacted tenant right away.  I told the tenant that if he didn't pay the full remaining rent by the due date, I will have my lawyer serve him notice for eviction. Few days later, he contacted me to pay all his rent in full.  I said WOW.  Thanks Daniel.  You are the best.

Daniel Bornstein is the ABSOLUTE BEST!  He is timely, concise, effective and a pleasure to work with.  He took my unique subtenant nuisance case and resolved it in 14 days.  He knows this area of law from top to bottom and is the definition of an expert.

A few weeks later after our case was closed, Daniel also helped us with an unfair eviction motion filed by my current property management company.  He quickly identified the falsities and put together a plan for me.  Everything he helped me with resolved in my favor.

I respect his tenacity and passion and would recommend him to anyone with an issue in this area of law.  He and his team are rockstars!!


Hear from more raving fans.