Practice Areas / Rent control

What we need to compartmentalize is whether a property is subject to statewide rent and eviction controls, or whether more protective rules apply on the local level.

Navigating a complex patchwork of rent and eviction controls

The goal of rent and eviction controls is simple: to keep housing affordable and reduce displacement by limiting the rate and frequency of rent increases and spelling out the "just cause" reasons to evict a tenant.

Yet the labyrinth of rules is anything but simple.

Laws surrounding rent and eviction controls are maddening for landlords of rental property owners of all sophistication, but there is a special place in our heart for small property owners who are most vulnerable to making mistakes and understanding the incredibly complicated regulatory regime imposed on them.

Bornstein Law can educate landlords in rent-controlled jurisdictions on what can and cannot be done to accomplish their goals and we appear regularly in front of rent boards to advocate on behalf of our clients.