Bornstein Law Victory: Jury Trial - Alameda County Superior Court

Another win in our column after our client prevailed in a jury trial. An unauthorized subletter harassed and forced the master tenant out of the rental unit. When the landlord discovered these events, a process server was dispatched to the residence and she was then falsely imprisoned by the occupant. A harrowing case but one that ended in a successful outcome.


Bornstein Law secures a judgment in a forcible detainer action

When there is no tenancy established, occupants who are given a temporary place to stay must leave when the owner asks them to.


The leaning tower of San Francisco

It's been widely reported that the sinking Millennium Tower has been mired with structural issues, but does that mean that tenants in the embattled building can stop paying rent? We successfully argue no - the rent must be paid


Nuisance eviction during the height of the pandemic

A tenant vindictively ran water all day and night to drive up the landlord's utility bills. We sent a clear signal that COVID-related tenant protections do not give residents the license to cause mischief and this argument held water.


We take on the Oakland Rent Board, argue that a rent increase is permissible during this condo conversion and courts agree

Under Costa-Hawkins, condos are generally exempt from local rent control rules, but there was a game of semantics. After tenants balked at a rent increase, the courts sided with our interpretation of the law and agreed that rents could be raised.


Through a forcible detainer action, property owners can remove occupants who overstay their welcome

It's not uncommon for owners to give family members or friends a soft place to land, but what happens when a guest refuses to leave? Although it may be gut-wrenching, there is legal action that can be taken to transition the "licensee" out of the premises.