The Alameda Rent Program regulates how much a tenant's rent can be raised annually, delineates the allowable grounds for evictions, and entitles tenants to relocation payment if they are displaced through no fault of their own.

Tenant buyout agreements are a core practice area of Bornstein Law and we will have to comply with the City's regulations whenever parties negotiate a voluntary move-out. The agreement must be in writing, tenants must be notified of their rights, and be filed with the Rent Program. Even if a deal is inked, the tenant has the right to rescind a signed buyout agreement within 30 days of signing.

Beginning May 1, 2022, most Alameda County landlords can only raise rents to the tune of 2.7% annually after the Alameda City Council adopted new legislation alternating a moratorium on rent increases. Many nuances apply and so whenever a landlord is contemplating a rent increase or "banking" them, it is strongly advisable to consult with an attorney.

What units are covered?


Multi-unit properties built before 1995 (two or more units on a parcel)



  • Single-family homes, condominiums
  • Multi-unit properties built after 1995
  • Units with participants of the Housing
  • Choice Voucher (Section 8) Program that is not owned by the Housing Authority or a non-profit organization


  • Short-term accommodations rented for 30 days or less
  • Commercial units
  • Care facilities
  • Mobile homes
  • See Ordinance 3250 for a full list