Bornstein Law has the ingenuity, knowledge, and experience to navigate a patchwork of statutes, regulations, local ordinances, and administrative policies that surround commercial real estate.

Commercial real estate

For the better part of three decades, Bornstein Law has represented landlords, buyers, sellers, mortgage brokers, investors, developers, contractors, HOA’s, and REALTORS® in a broad range of commercial real estate matters. This requires a core understanding of contracts as well as fluency in construction and business law.

We leave no stone unturned in structuring lease agreements that protect the rights of our clients and provide guidance to investors so that they can reduce exposure and make the most informed decisions in protecting their investment.

Do you need to seek enforcement of covenants contained in the contract? Are you not seeing eye-to-eye on boundaries and easement? Are tenants feuding with their lenders and mortgage holders? Trespass or nuisance issues?

Our firm is built to tackle these and other concerns with a strong preference to avoid litigation. When relationships collapse, however,  you can count on our strong advocacy in the courtroom.

A word about commercial evictions

Commercial landlords need to do some calculus. How big or small is the entity and what is the probability of finding another tenant? If the current tenant is evicted, will the storefront or office space remain vacant for an extended period of time and produce no income?

At the same time many businesses have been unable to pay rents, shopping centers are going the way of the dinosaur and it raises the question of what to do with this empty space.

There are no easy answers but these quandaries are best approached with proper counsel.