Rent & Eviction Control Guide / Concord

Concord's regulatory regime consists of two components. Under the City's Residential Tenant Protection Program, tenants are entitled to relocation assistance if they are evicted through no fault of their own and obligates landlords to provide a written lease with minimum lease terms.

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Tenant Anti-Harassment Protection Ordinance

Following in the footsteps of Oakland and other Bay Area locales that have enacted anti-harassment ordinances, Concord's Ordinance illegalizes landlord conduct that interferes with the tenant's peaceful enjoyment of their home or otherwise attempts to harass or intimidate the tenant. Think shutting off utilities, entering the unit at odd hours, failing to maintain the property, and so forth.

Bornstein Law has joined our industry partners in calling this Ordinance and others like it unnecessary. It is already illegal under state law to harass tenants and only sets a trap for well-intentioned, good landlords to get sued whenever a slight mistake is made.

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From the Mercury News: Concord passes tenant anti-harassment ordinance over landlords' objections


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