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Adept at negotiating successful resolutions and securing judgments for clients, Dylan Tong fiercely advocates for the rights of property owners.

Dylan is the newest addition to our attorney roster and is well seasoned in managing landlord-tenant relationships after joining our firm as an intern in 2016.

As an indispensable team member, Dylan was tasked in this role with preparing unlawful detainer complaints, drafting buy-out and settlement agreements, rent board petitions, residential leases and other critical documents for clients.

A skilled legal researcher, he has had an imprint in bringing successful outcomes for clients in all manner of complex residential and commercial lease disputes. When Bornstein Law secured legal victories for our clients in hearings, conferences, and trials, chances are Dylan was behind the scenes helping us shape our winning arguments and preparing the requisite paperwork.

Dylan completed his undergraduate education at UC Berkeley with a double major in legal studies and classical languages before earning his law degree at the University of California, Hastings College of the Law, where he graduated cum laude. Although his passion is advocating for property owners, intellectual property rights are a close second.

An avid breakdancer and the youngest attorney on our team, Dylan is much hipper than the rest of us and provides a fresh perspective, but don't let his youth fool you - he is a supremely capable attorney that continues to prove himself sharper than the rest of us in many cases.