Mama Boys overstay their welcome, mother wins a lawsuit to evict her sons

A 75-year retiree who is separated from her husband is living off of her pension, but her two sons ages 40 and 42, refuse to pay rent or even help with household chores. The Italian mother had enough and filed an eviction  lawsuit in the Tribunal of Pavia, characterizing her sons as “parasites.”

In a countersuit, both employed grown men argued that Italian parents are obligated by law to support their children as long as needed. The judge disagreed, ordering that the two “bamboccioni,” or big babies, have to cut the cord by December 18 and vacate the unit.

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This case reminds us of Michael Rotondo, then 30 years old, who garnered national attention and became the butt of jokes on late-night talk shows after his parents evicted him.


No laughing matter

These types of stories are anything but amusing for many property owners who have a family member or caregiver staying on the premises, only for the unappreciative guest to take over the property, refuse to leave when asked to, and worse yet, take advantage of the owner. Sadly, there is an alarming rate of abuse of vulnerable owners who are victimized not by typical fraudsters, but by people close to them.

Bornstein Law takes pride in halting these extended stays and helping owners regain control of their properties when their patience is exhausted. Removed from the emotional fray, our office can assist in transitioning out occupants who refuse to find alternative living arrangements.