Mission, purpose, and core values

The mission of Bornstein Law is to aggressively represent, counsel, and advocate on behalf of property owners to help them power through the unique challenges inherent with owning and operating a rental business. 

We are successful in this mission not by enlarging disputes, but by finding practical solutions to avoid and resolve landlord-tenant conflicts with the least expense and complications legally possible, in the shortest period of time. In the unfortunate event rental relationships fail, Bornstein Law ensures that the tenant's transition is effectuated in a dignified and legal manner with an emphasis on avoiding residue for the rental property owner and his or her agents.

Our practice is based on the notion that the complexity of state and local rent rules are challenging to navigate for experienced lawyers, let alone landlords

While our firm is equipped to solve complex real estate litigation and we count many large landlords and property management companies as clients, there is always a special place in our hearts for studious Mom and Pop landlords who are particularly susceptible to being led astray in navigating a complex regulatory regime. 


Although housing is a politicized issue in the Bay Area, we believe that our growing pains are a result of a multiplicity of factors and it is not constructive to blame any parties, including engaged and compassionate small property owners who are the largest engine of safe, clean and affordable rental housing. 
Bornstein Law embraces the marketplace of ideas in solving intractable housing issues and are firm believers that the sharing of information is the best antidote. We attempt to do our part in this regard. 
Even as we keep our eye on the bigger picture, our experienced attorneys can manage rental relationships and handle more mundane, day-to-day challenges for owners. Of course, you can count on our firm to vigorously work for a successful outcome if the landlord-tenant issue cannot be worked out. Contact our office for informed advice.