Practice Areas / Owner move-in and relative move-in evictions (OMI/RMI)

Commonly, rental property owners want to recover possession of a tenant-occupied unit so that they or a close relative can move into the premises for their own use. Bornstein Law can oversee this transition, ensuring that proper notice is served, all procedural requirements are met and required relocation payments are paid to soften the landing of outgoing tenants. 

Bay Area attorneys effectuating owner move-in and relative move-in evictions

When the owner or a close blood relative endeavors to live in a tenant-occupied property, it must be done in good faith and without ulterior motive.

Normally, our office can easily accomplish an OMI/RMI so long as the eviction does not seem retaliatory in an acrimonious rental relationship and the owners or their relatives live in the premises for a certain period of time.

Tenants' advocates have argued that these types of evictions are often used as a pretext to re-rent the unit at a higher price. Our experience has shown that by and large, owner move-in evictions are used by homeowners who just purchased a home and want to live in the property they just purchased.

Nonetheless, lawmakers have heard the concerns of potential abuse and enacted a myriad of safeguards and regulations best journeyed with Bornstein Law.