Practice Areas / Disputes between buyers and sellers

With such a substantial amount of money at stake, there is no wonder why problems can and do arise in real estate transactions. 

A sober voice when disputes arise between buyers and sellers

It is not uncommon for sellers not to disclose defects or certain other facts that influenced the buyer's decision to buy the property or pay the price they were willing to pay.

Moreover, purchase contracts may not anticipate all contingencies and it can be argued that third parties like real estate agents are not acting in the best interests of the parties.

When there are multiple buyers of a rental property, it adds a layer of complexity with various ownership schemes. Some members may not be aware of their rights and obligations relating to the property and may be confused about exactly who is entitled to the rent.

The stakes are ratcheted up when there are unwarranted in-law units. Both buyers and sellers face potential liability when a disgruntled tenant raises issues after paying rent for living in an unwarranted unit where proper permits have not been pulled.

Other issues abound.

In our hard-won experience, Bornstein Law has found that most buyer-seller disputes, and for that matter, disconnect amongst multiple buyers in a web of trusts, joint tenants, partnerships, or an LLC, are owed to a lack of communication.

We can interject an informative, cool and calming voice in the discussions. In the event that relationships collapse, our firm can resolve the dispute as quickly and cheaply as possible, taking into account time, risk, and attorneys' fees.