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Rent Control Jurisdictions


The San Francisco Bay Area is home to some of the most onerous and highly regulated rent control laws in the country.

As a landlord, you have rights. They are best protected by landlord lawyers that have extensive experience in the highly specialized field of rent control law.
California does not have statewide rent control laws; rather, they are creatures of ordnances that are enacted by local municipalities. Although there are oftentimes similarities in how locales approach rent stabilization, the rules vastly differ from city to city, in terms of rent increases and eviction actions.
The experienced real estate attorneys at Bornstein Law are intimately familiar with the rent control ordinances and rules that establish the framework for landlord and tenant rights and responsibilities.
With the Bay Area housing shortage, this is an acrimonious environment where landlords and tenants are increasingly pitted against each other. When controversies arise in units governed by rent control, we can oftentimes help owners resolve these actions without enlarging the seriousness of the situation and reduce the legal fees that can be incurred through protracted litigation.
Of course, if the matters cannot work themselves out, you can count on our know-how and experience in the local circuit of rent control boards and Courts, where we have been fiercely advocating for the rights of landlords for 23+ years. For informed advice on your options, call our office at 415-409-7611, or tell us a little bit about your rental business online.




Rent control applies in some form or fashion in the following locales.


» San Francisco
» Oakland
» Berkeley
» San Jose
» Emeryville
» Alameda
» Hayward
» Richmond
» Mountain View


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