San Francisco Rent Board Eviction Findings



Recently published eviction numbers are in from the San Francisco Rent Board. This body took into account 20 years of eviction histories, and their findings are illuminating. Contrary to popular belief, bay area evictions are decreasing overall. Yet there is an uptick for non-payment evictions as some residents cannot keep pace with rising rents.

Here at Bornstein Law, we have weathered many cycles of the housing climate. Since 1993, Daniel Bornstein has had an imprint in literally thousands of landlord tenant disputes. Since he’s been tenaciously protecting the interests of property owners and investors for over 20 years, he’s had a good pulse on the ups and downs of the market, and this has provided invaluable hands-on experience that the news outlets do not have access to.


There has been some sentiment that there is an eviction epidemic in San Francisco, a belief that has been popularized by news accounts that have chronicled some admittedly harrowing experiences of displaced tenants. At Bornstein Law, we never let the human element of eviction escape us and attempt to reach a resolution of client disputes in an expeditious manner.


Our goal at Bornstein Law is to reach a win-win solution for landlord and tenants and we are encouraged by the recently published report of the San Francisco Rent Board that shows this mission is bearing fruit. This exhaustive study illustrates a recent downward trend in evictions.


We can make a few take-aways from their last twenty years of annual reporting, which spans March of 1997 to February 2017. The tides are turning for Owner Move-In and Ellis Act evictions. On the rise since 2009, they have paused and have going down for the past two years. While the media has attributed much displacement of families to these type of evictions, the numbers tell otherwise.


While just cause evictions are ebbing, it is the opposite trend for habitual late or non-payment evictions. They’ve ticked up and reached a 17-year high over the past twelve months. An influx of young, affluent professionals have exerted upward pressure on rents, an economic reality that has unfortunately displaced tenants that could not keep pace.


Although the economy has rebounded, not everyone has reaped the benefits. “Sadly, there will be casualties to the rising cost of living”, laments Daniel Bornstein. “Yet it’s an equal playing field. I, too, am priced out of homes that I can’t afford”.


Bornstein knows for some, that can come across as a callous statement, but he cites the obligation of property owner and investor clients who also need to pay their bills. “It’s not fair for the owner of an investment property to wait for a chronically late-paying tenant to pay the rent, when the owner has to pay their mortgage on time”.


Given the frustration of landlords understandably feel when there is no guarantee of rental income, many habitually non-paying or late payment cases have crossed his desk.


If you are a bay area landlord that is faced with a habitually late-paying tenant and are contemplating evictions, contact Bornstein Law today. It’s important that all of the I’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed. By contacting Bornstein Law early on, you can avoid vexing legal battles down the road. 


As the founding attorney of Bornstein Law, Broker of Record for Bay Property Group and expert witness, Daniel Bornstein is a foremost and well-respected expert in landlord-tenant disputes and other property management issues with over 23 years of experience in handling real estate and civil litigation related disputes.


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