SB 602 makes it easier for property owners to remove trespassers. 

Under the current law contained in Penal Code Section 602, owners who encounter trespassing on their property can reach out to local law enforcement to essentially say that no one belongs on it. This declaration comes in the form of a no-trespass letter, also known as a 602 letter, or an open-ended complaint, among other terms.

These letters were valid for 30 days but SB 602 extends this timeframe, giving these documents teeth for a full year and if a property is permanently closed and posted as such, the authorization letter will be enforceable for three years.

Owners experiencing trouble with trespassers are encouraged to put up prominent signage on their property that no one is allowed on the premises, and also to check with local law enforcement on how to initiate the process of giving officers or deputies the ability to summarily arrest or cite trespassers whenever they are encountered.

Not uncommonly, trespassers say that they have some legitimate purpose for being on the property, and these letters are helpful in debunking this claim. Take a look at a sample letter shared with us by the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office.


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