Hoarding Is A Vexing Problem For Bay Area Landlords & Property Managers

When this saddening behavior is discovered in your rental units, Bornstein Law will help you take proactive but compassionate steps to address the issue, provide informed advice on your options, and ensure that corrective action is taken.






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Tenant hoarding not only threatens to damage your rental unit, it also poses safety hazards and interferes with neighboring tenants' enjoyment of their apartment. When hoarding is suspected, it is imperative that you consult with an attorney that has experience in addressing this troublesome behavior.
Tenants should be reminded of their contractual and statutory obligations to keep the rental unit safe, sanity and secure. Mental health practitioners and other case management professionals can also be called upon, if warranted. 
When you exhaust your best outreach efforts and the hoarding has been properly documented, a cure or quit notice can be served. If hoarding continues, an unlawful detainer action is the last resort.
Since hoarding can be a potential mental illness, landlords and property managers can easily teeter on a housing discrimination lawsuit unless the matter is dealt with correctly, underscoring the need to call Bornstein Law early on to make sure that this delicate subect is approached properly and in accordance with the law.





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