Succinct webinars and videos for the rental property industry

Although founding attorney Daniel Bornstein is renowned for giving talks at the Fort Mason Center and other venues, we have gotten acclimated to the new normal of online meetings.

A candid conversation with the Berkeley Property Owners Association

Daniel talks about a wide range of issues impacting rental housing providers in Alameda County and answers some pointed questions from BPOA members.

Watch the Zoom replay →


Legal update for landlords and property managers as we nearly close the curtain on 2021

It's obviously been a tumultuous year for rental housing providers. Daniel looks back and summarizes what landlords and property managers should know moving forward.


On the eve of California's eviction moratorium expiring, what's next for landlords and property managers?

We summarize where our community stands now and suggest some action items to check off to stay compliant and ensure your success on the other side of the pandemic.


Housing discrimination lawsuits are proliferating

When rental housing providers summarily reject Section 8 applicants, it could lead to a "shakedown." Daniel discusses an alarming trend and admonishes landlords and property managers to familiarize themselves with fair housing laws.


Lawmakers and Governor Newsom get together to enact the third and final iteration of tenant protections

After tense, last-minute negotiations, Sacramento politicians inked AB 832, a piece of massive legislation that extended tenant protections and gave the landlording community a flicker of hope that COVID-related rent debt could be recouped through governmental assistance and that unlawful detainer (eviction) actions for nonpayment of rent could resume in the not-too-distant future.


Sacramento politicians got together to deal with the economic fallout of the pandemic. SB 91 was their answer

In our latest webinar, Daniel Bornstein provides an overview of Senate Bill 91 and eviction moratoriums as we transition into the summer. He provides some soliloquy on how to manage rent debt that has accrued during the pandemic, rent increases, and explores tenant buyout agreements when there are little other options to transition tenants out of the unit.


A roundtable discussion with our friends in the Asian Community

In this collaborative event with industry partners, we talk about the challenges facing rental property owners and how we can bounce back on the other side of the pandemic. At the conclusion of the presentation, Daniel answers pointed questions from the audience in attendance.


A Bay Area Housing Market Q&A Session

In a town hall format, Daniel speaks about timely topics for landlords weathering the storm of the pandemic, fields questions, and highlights the benefits of tenant buyout agreements.


Thoughts and strategies about tenant buyout agreements

Daniel discusses how a tenant can voluntarily vacate the premises in exchange for compensation, the forgiveness of rent debt, a return of the security deposit, or a blend of incentives to effectuate a vacancy.


The Impact of COVID-19 on Real Estate Legislation in the Bay Area and Nationally

Daniel has a conversation with Steve Rozenberg, the head of investor education for MYND, about a very fluid situation and how to navigate minefields during the pandemic.


COPA and Multi Unit Sales in San Francisco

Daniel joins a discussion on San Francisco's Community Opportunity to Purchase Act, an ordinance that gives qualified nonprofits first dibs on multifamily buildings up for sale and the right to match or best offers from private investors.

More webinars we hosted at the outset of the pandemic

Daniel educates a team of Compass Real Estate agents about the nuances involved with San Francisco rent and eviction controls.


Legal Landscape in San Francisco's Real Estate Market

In an oldie but goodie, Daniel gives a 90-minute talk to the San Francisco Association of Realtors on how to best represent buyers and sellers of rental properties.




California’s implied warranty of habitability



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