Union City's Rent Review Ordinance regulates most rental units in the city and has established a mediation process for qualifying rent increases. Although it is mandatory that landlords come to the table, all of the recommendations are non-binding.

Renters in Union City may request non-binding mediation when there is a rent increase over 7% or when the renter receives more than one rent increase in a 12-month period and the total of all rent increases exceed 7% in the 12-month period.

A Notice of Availability of Rent Review Ordinance must be furnished to the tenant when the landlord issues any rent increase.

Property owners in Union City subject to the Rent Review Ordinance and/or the Eviction Protection Ordinance must have a valid business license covering the unit and pay annual fees.


Eviction & Harassment Protections Ordinance

The Ordinance applies to most rental units in Union City and requires landlords to provide a specific reason for terminating a lease. The Ordinance also is aimed at deterring harassing, heavy-handed activities.

In order to perfect their right to evict, landlords must demonstrate five things.

1) The landlord has a valid business license and has registered the rental unit properly.

2) The tenant was provided a Notice of Tenants Rights.

3) The tenant was properly served a notice of termination with a specific reason for the termination of the tenancy.

4) The landlord has not accepted and will not receive rent or any other consideration in return for the continued use of the rental unit beyond the term of the terminated tenancy.

5) The existence of a qualifying ground for termination.


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