One of the most thankless and trying, but necessary duties of a landlord is evicting tenants.

This is effectuated pursuant to a California court order known as an unlawful detainer judgment. The eviction process generally involves serving the tenant with a notice, waiting for the notice to end, and filing an Unlawful Detainer action if the tenant does not do what the notice asks. But this area of law, like so many others, demands a meticulous attention to detail to ensure there are no procedural missteps.
Bornstein Law can obviate risk by making sure that the unlawful detainer action is occurring properly, successfully, and free from common failures.
For over two decades, the landlord lawyers at Bornstein Law have provided counseling and representation to rental housing providers throughout every phase of the unlawful detainer process. This includes drafting 3-Day and 30-Day Notices, preparing unlawful detainer complaints and responses, ensuring proper service to the defendants, requesting trials without delay, obtaining judgements, obtaining writs of possession and finally prompting the Sheriff’s Department to serve a notice to vacate.


When it comes to unlawful detainer actions, not all attorneys are created equal.

As the Bay Area’s foremost authority in landlord-tenant disputes, Bornstein Law has been inserted into hundreds of unlawful detainer actions. We can ensure that all the specialized documentation is prepared correctly, unforgiving deadlines are met, and that you get the best advocacy in court.
Rental property owners face the headwinds of tenant protections – while it seems that there are many measures to protect tenants from bad landlords, there is considerably less effort protecting good landlords from bad tenants. That is the domain of Bornstein Law.
In parting thoughts, we’d like to admonish landlords and property managers to commence the process at the first indication of a lease violation. Too often, rental housing providers get infected with the insidious diseases of wishful thinking and hoping that a problem will resolve itself on its own, when in fact disputes rarely work themselves out so tidily.
Please do not wait until the situation worsens and risk damage to your property, enlarging nuisances, losing months of rent, and all manner of other consequences to your rental business – take proactive action with Bornstein Law.


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