Airbnb has a long and storied history on its home turf of the Bay Area, and Bornstein Law has been inserted into many controversies very early on in the parade.

When these type of hybrid rental agreements were loosely regulated and rarely enforced, we predicted that short term rental agreements would be fertile ground for disputes and that legal developments would one day narrow the gap between law and technology. This turned out to be an understatement.
It seems that not a week or two goes by without Airbnb or its competitors gracing itself in the headlines with another high spate incident. This leads us to believe that public policy is far from resolved and that further legal and regulatory changes are in store for the modern-day iteration of the temporary flop.

The laws and regulations of Airbnb and short-term rentals is anything but transitory. You can rely on Bornstein Law to stay abreast of the rules related to this specialized facet of law.

Of course, there are two sides of every coin.

We have successfully helped landlords put a halt on unauthorized sub-letting of their units, which generally constitutes a breach of the lease agreement. Yet we have also assisted hosts in bringing their short-term rental property into compliances and ensuring they stay in good graces with cities that are vigorously enforcing zoning regulations and not shy to blacklist owners that do not comply with the code.
Throughout the Bay Area, there is a patchwork of local ordinances, but Bornstein Law will help you understand the relevant ordinances and zoning laws that impact your short term rental property.
No matter what side of the coin you find yourself on, we can protect your rights and real estate investments – contact our attorneys today.



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