Savvy rental property owners and real estate professionals are always in the know.

Whether in front of a crowd of hundreds at Fort Mason, in a close-knit setting giving a "fireside chat," or now the new normal of online meetings, attorney Daniel Bornstein enjoys giving talks on new laws, identifying opportunities, and maximizing the potential of a rental property.

Informative. Fun. Sociable.

Daniel Bornstein is renowned for giving talks on a host of legal issues that impact landlords and the professionals who serve them. Numerous organizations have asked him to dispense insights on ever-changing laws and regulations, and he has routinely hosted his own barn burner events at the Fort Mason Center and other venues.

For many in attendance, it is the first time they get an understanding of local rent control ordinances and other rules.

Read and listen to the value of Daniel's events in this public radio piece.


Daniel, Thank you for including us in this informative event, and for the positive way in which you introduced SPOSFI. We handed out a lot of newsletters to people who were not familiar with us.

The presentation you gave was very interesting. You are excellent at explaining these complicated matters, and the flow charts and fact sheets are so helpful. Understanding the conditions of all these restrictions will keep people out of trouble (we hope). Thanks again.

~ Noni Richen, President of SPOSFI

Daniel in action - watch past webinars

The pandemic and technology has upended the way we conduct seminars. Listen to these informative online events dedicated to educating the rental housing industry on new laws and rules.




Daniel welcomes the opportunity to present to your team members, either at your offices or, in the alternative, you are cordially invited to visit our beautiful and comfortable facility in Oakland. If your group is interested in a workshop, please email


As the founding attorney of Bornstein Law, real estate broker and frequently called-upon expert witness with over 25 years of experience in landlord-tenant disputes, Daniel is well-known for his educational seminars and workshops.