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With offices in San Francisco and the East Bay, Bornstein Law exemplifies the personal qualities of its founding partner, Daniel Bornstein.

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For over 25 years, Daniel Bornstein has concentrated his law practice on aggressively representing, counseling and advocating for rental property owners. He is the Founding Attorney of Bornstein Law, a boutique firm dedicated to helping rental housing providers stay compliant with laws in a complicated regulatory regime, realize the full potential of their investment property, and power through the unique challenges inherent with owning and operating a rental business.

Although Daniel is equipped to solve all manner of complex real estate litigation and counts large landlords, banks, nonprofit affordable housing providers and institutional investors among his clients, he has a special affinity for small, “mom and pop” owners who are especially susceptible to making mistakes in a deluge of laws and regulations.

More than a litigator and a staunch advocate for landlords, Daniel is also the broker of record for Bay Property Group, a full-service property management company and real estate brokerage focused on developing and maintaining successful rentals, and the recipient of the East Bay Rental Housing Association's 2013 Property Management Company of the Year award.

For investment property owners, their property is a keystone of wealth and emotional security, but it can also be the subject of litigation. As an expert witness in landlord-tenant matters and a host of property management issues, Daniel Bornstein has been called upon by outside counsel to testify in dozens of cases to assist in defending claims regarding landlord malfeasance and liability.

Renowned for his educational seminars and providing timely updates to the rental housing industry, Daniel has been asked by numerous media outlets to chime in on many housing issues and offer a unique voice from the perspective of owners. His pro bono legal services have also earned him honorary recognition.

Daniel likes to say that landlord-tenant disputes and litigation are not like a sporting event where one opponent wins and another loses and relates conflicts to a game of tug-of-war in that the harder each side tugs on the rope, the tighter the knot comes. The goal of Bornstein Law is to untangle the knot and not enlarge a dispute, but to resolve friction in the most cost-effective manner taking into account attorneys’ fees and the time required.