Improper Use Of Commercial Space



Perhaps you recall or have shared the folklore of an old woman that lived in a shoe with many children.


It's popularized, of course, because a shoe is not suited for residential use. Neither, folks, are commercial dwellings. Increasingly, though, commercial spaces are becoming makeshift abodes amid the Bay Area's housing crisis.


However inventive tenants are in their use of commercial properties, you need to know that there are a host of legal issues for property owners when tenants use commercial space for residential use. This is a perilous topic that Daniel Bornstein took on in the following video.



This is not a fairy tale and be assured, there are real life consequences for unauthorized use of a commercial space. With so many potential pitfalls in the balance, do not allow a commercial tenant to improvise and create a new use for the dwelling.


If you are a property owner, please know you have recourse available to correct these provisional residences, a subject best approached with a competent legal team like Bornstein Law.


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