Union City's Rent Review Program and Eviction Protections
City Council, City staff and community stakeholders got together to come up with a two-pronged strategy to implement tenant protections for residents facing rent increases or evictions.
On the one hand, Union City's Rent Review Ordinance provides a mediation process for qualifying rent increases. Landlords must participate in this process, although recommendations are non-binding.
Renters are entitled to non-binding mediation when rent increases are over 7%, or there have been more than one rent increase in a 12-month period and the totality of these rent hikes exceed 7% in the 12-month period.
Of course, rent increases in all locales require properly served notice, but in Union City, the tenants who are staring at a potential rent increase must be furnished a Notice of Availability of Rent Review apprising the tenant of his or her right to rent review, with includes conciliation and mediation, of the rent increase.
Enter the Eviction & Harassment Protections Ordinance, requiring landlords to provide a specific reason for terminating the lease and prohibiting harassing actions. Such harassment might include threats to cut off utilities, refusing to maintain the rental unit, and a host of other actions that can be construed as an attempt to nudge the tenant outs through intimidation, fraud, or coercion, all of which we have strongly admonished landlords against. 

Information germane to Union City landlords

Read the ordinance here

Ordinance presentation (slides)

Renter/Landlord Resources Handout

Notice of Availability of Rent Review