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Making sense of the COVID-19 Tenant Protection Act of 2020




Hoarding is a vexing problem for landlords and property managers. This challenging subject should be addressed with compassion and a sound understanding of the law.


San Francisco's Community Opportunity to Purchase Act (COPA)

If you or a client is looking to buy or sell a multi-unit building, be aware that qualified nonprofits must be the first to come to the table and given deference when matching offers from private buyers. Bornstein Law can guide you through a new regulatory regime when buildings with 3 or more units go on the market.

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Ever since Airbnb was born on our home soil of San Francisco, Bornstein Law has been pioneers in the modern day iteration of the temporary flop. As we predicted, the law has caught up with technology, but risk is abound.

In the media: Daniel Bornstein questions whether peer-to-peer websites are good citizens after being asked to respond to the "Airbnb Masion Party" Halloween night tragedy →
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Ominous warning: See what San Francisco is religiously mailing out to rogue hosts →



Are you prepared for California statewide rent control?

Bornstein Law can help you understand a new set of rules and reconcile your local laws with rent caps and eviction controls that 2020 ushered in with the advent of AB-1482.


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Although the political rhetoric nowadays falls squarely on the side of tenants, Bornstein Law offers a fresh perspective through the lens of underrepresented property owners. Numerous media outlets have called upon us to give our takes on issues germane to the rental property industry.



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