Rent control in Hayward

Many landlords in Hayward are subject to the Residential Rent Stabilization Ordinance. While eviction controls have been laxed, owners of five or more rental units generally can only raise the rent 5% in a 12-month period. If the landlord has not raised the rent in prior years, he or she is allowed to “bank” those deferred increases and raise the rent more than 5% in the next rent increase cycle, though this increase cannot exceed 10% in any 12-month period. Several exceptions apply.

Rent increases must be served with proper notice and proposed rent hikes over 5% require added documentation in the notice.

Hayward City Council is having a robust discussion on expanding tenant protections and has enacted an emergency just cause eviction ordinance. As additional changes in renters' rights take shape, Bornstein Law will keep you in the know.

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