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Landlording in a new era of statewide rent caps and eviction controls

Daniel Bornstein discusses statewide rent caps and eviction controls in an easily digestible fashion and suggests strategies to future proof your real estate business.

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Caution is urged as discriminatory housing ads are still rampant

Since statewide bans on Section 8 discrimination went into effect, non-compliant ads litter the Internet. In our latest update, we revisit fair housing laws.

Oakland enacts pioneering ordinance that prohibits landlords from using background checks

We have always maintained that the law, technology, and a culture of amnesty have concealed rental risks. Oakland takes it a step further, bans criminal background checks in tenant screening, though some exceptions apply. We provide some context here.

The buzz over Moms 4 Housing brings vacant properties into focus

In the latest chapter of this saga, the owners agree to sell their vacant home to a nonprofit, with homeless moms expected to return.We put this movement into perspective in our latest blog on the larger war being waged on vacant properties.

New religious freedoms afforded to tenants

A new law says that landlords and HOA's cannot ban the display of religious items on entry doors or door frames provided it is within prescribed dimensions, something we chime in on here.

Agenda for tenant protections in 2020

Rest assured that tenants' advocates are not complacent with statewide rent caps and rent controls, a measure that was signed into law with many compromises. So what's on their agenda next? We take a look at what they are cooking up.





Short-term rental hosts, beware

We've seen an influx in warning letters being sent to San Francisco owners who engage in illicit short-term rentals and uploaded the notification being sent en masse to who the city perceives to be rogue hosts.

Just cause eviction protections expanded in San Francisco

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors have unanimously approved an ordinance that would expand eviction controls to approximately 35,000 rental units previously exempt from just cause protections.

You can read the unabridged ordinance here, and we add some perspective in our blog on what is in store for unsuspecting owners who now need a permissible reason to terminate the tenancy.

90-day notice required when raising rents more than 10%

Under AB 1110, landlords will soon be required to provide 90-day notice to tenants whenever rent increases exceed 10%, essentially giving month-to-month tenants an extra 30 days heads up, since under existing law, the owner must be afforded 60 days notice before the effective date of a rent increase north of 10%. More in our legal update.

New state housing laws salute the armed forces

SB 644 lowers limits on security deposits for men and women in uniform, while SB 222 prohibits discrimination against tenants who have Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing Vouchers. Discussed on our blog.

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A "golden age" of ADU production

We are encouraged that the state and municipalities have put away the scalpel and taken a machete to restrictions in building these pint-sized units. We survey some of the new laws inked by the legislature and Governor Newsom in this legal update.

Arithmetic changes with three day notices beginning September 1

Weekends and court holidays will no longer count toward the expiration of three day notices, thanks to a state bill aimed at affording tenants more time to respond to evictions.We discuss a new way to count to three in this article.

Nonprofits get the first crack at SF multifamily buildings

The Community Opportunity to Purchase Act (COPA) will put "qualified nonprofits" in front of the line to purchase multifamily properties when they are up for sale. We give you a 360-degree view in this blog.

Feds change stance on phony emotional support animals

Thus far, tenants could easily obtain documents online that certify the need for comfort animals without medical verification. That may soon change. We discuss the feds taking on dubious claims here.

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