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Alameda County looks to amend eviction moratorium »

Governor extends executive order, local eviction moratoriums tied to the order remain in place »

San Francisco is given an inch, attempts to take a mile during public health crisis »

Berkeley City Council to decide if voters should place ADUs, golden duplexes under rent control »

By redefining the meaning of single-family home, you expose the structure to rent control rules, recent case law suggests »

Bill would invite $20K fines for AB 1482 violations  »

State Senator Caballero introduces bill to help renters and property owners impacted by COVID-19 »

Rent-cutting bill won’t get hearing until at least summer »

Bill Allowing Commercial Tenants to Renegotiate, Break Lease Deals Advances in California »

Marin County In Talks To Extend Moratorium On Evictions »

AB 2406 reincarnates a statewide rental registry »

Insecurity surrounding security deposits if AB 3260 is passed »

Oakland endeavors to extend eviction moratorium »

Berkeley joins Oakland in a rather exclusive club by banning criminal background checks when screening tenants »

Department of Real Estate issues COVID-19 Industry Guidance for Real Estate Transactions »

As municipalities grapple with formulating public policies on property tax collections amid COVID-19, Governor Newsom issues relief »

Bills incubating in the statehouse will either help or hinder rental housing owners and operators »

Richmond’s rent-freeze plan melts under scrutiny »

A hard look at Alameda County's new package of tenant protections »

San Francisco bans rent hikes »



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