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Ironically, the only constant in the law and landlording rules is change. Bornstein Law is dedicated to keeping landlords, property managers, and real estate professionals abreast of an ever-changing regulatory regime and doing so in an easily digestible fashion.


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Bornstein Law is heavy consumers of news and sometimes we get interjected into the stories we read. We not only report developments but provide takeaways to keep our community in the know in a long litany of articles.

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We take on weighty issues that deserve some background and thoughtful consideration. Peel the onion deeper in this section to come away with a 360-degree view.

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Download our security deposit deduction guide

Rest assured that one of the first things on the mind of outgoing tenants - even before thinking about how to maneuver their giant sofa around that tight corner - is if and when the security deposit will be returned. What is normal wear and tear?

In this one-page PDF, we take the insecurity out of security deposits.

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