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Using Temporary Restraining Orders to respond to violence or threats by tenants


After another Airbnb party tragedy, rogue short-term rentals are back in focus


Thinking smarty and strategically about tenant buyout agreements in the age of COVID


An embattled Governor proposes that 100% of COVID-19 related rent debt should be paid by California


A Biden administration looks to roll back gains on 1031 Exchanges


Better late than never to inform tenants of their rights under Senate Bill 91


Plan afoot to wipe out rent debt for San Francisco businesses forced to close their doors during the pandemic


Landlords and property managers should not get lost in translation


Working and learning remotely is here to stay, but tenants will return to the Bay Area


Lawmakers look to expand free legal representation for tenants


AB 1401 values people over parking


The movement to end exclusionary single-family housing gains steam


David vs. Goliath: A more level playing field for private investors when buying foreclosed properties


Legal shakedowns are proliferating when landlords and property managers summarily deny a Section 8 tenancy


After thousands of gallons of water a day was wasted by vindictive tenants, our firm successfully obtained a judgment


Commercial evictions grind to a halt during COVID


Double the trouble with two ominous bills being incubated in Sacramento


When should property owners pay tenants in order to voluntarily vacate the premises? We defy conventional wisdom


Hey, Mr. Repairman


The trade-off between rental assistance programs and tenant buyout agreements


After San Francisco's Board of Supervisors pass new rental unit registry law, we offer our takes


Handling an uptick in subletting and broken leases during the pandemic


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